Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Question of Bicycle Etiquette

From the Chicago Record.

Should a gentleman riding on a bicycle raise his hat to a passing lady with whom he is acquainted? It depends. Some riders dare not. Their only salvation lies in keeping firm clutch on their handle-bars. Let go of one for ever so brief a moment - then comes disaster. We have seen the time we would not release a handle-bar even to clutch an offered ten dollar bill. We have got so now we can use a handkerchief when necessity demands, but we consider it a risk; confidence is not restored until we once more grasp the bar. No, unless you are a trick rider, give a lady a smile and nod, or if there is even danger in taking your mind off your wheel that long, pretend you do not see her.

Source: The Washington Post (1877-1922) Aug 11, 1897. Page 7.

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